A Family Farm

Our farm is ten acres – 2 in organic vegetables, 1 in container ornamentals (hollies), 2 in fruit, and 1 in mushrooms and Christmas Trees.  We all work off the farm in most years as well as working on the farm for roughly one full time equivalent.  Karen is an elementary school tutor, Tom is a natural resources consultant, and Liz is working at Utahns Against Hunger in Salt Lake City.   Paka the cat is our Chief of Security.


In the mid-eighties Tom caught farm fever while we were living in a Colorado town with an eleven day growing season.   We interviewed towns across the country and decided on here.  In 1987 we opened Thatchmore Farm and grew our first crop in Leicester.  Liz was born in 1990.


Thatchmore Farm is certified organic.  Organic farms,  in general, feed the soil instead of the plants and use pesticides and fertilizers from plant, animal, and mineral sources in contrast to petrochemical sources.   We are certified annually by a third party certification agency licensed by USDA to do organic inspections under the federal National Organic Program.  Certification cost about $500 and a week of our time, annually.


We grow a variety of produce, fruit, hollies and conifers.  Refer to the Products page above for more detail.

How to Buy Our Produce

We sell our produce through a box-a-week program (see CSA page above), Tuesday afternoons at the West Asheville Tailgate Market and Saturday mornings at UNCA. We sell wholesale produce through Carolina Organic Growers and landcaping plants direct from the farm.  Refer to our Contact page for more detail on each of these outlets.

Karen and Tom selling at the West Asheville Market on Halloween.
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