Farm Work

Thank you for your interest but our crew is full for the 2022 season. 

We hire a crew of three to four employees each year, typically from mid-January through mid-December.  Compensation includes an hourly wage, educational lectures, and produce.  We are particularly interested in working with prospective farmers.  Training the next generation of organic growers is an important part of our mission. 

Our crew works on the farm two days per week – Tuesday and Friday – and sells at tailgate markets once every other week – Tuesday or Saturday.  We begin the day harvesting produce for market and spend the afternoons sowing, transplanting, building infrastructure, and maintaining the farm. The crew commutes to the farm as  we do not have on farm housing. 

We are active in CRAFT, an association of area organic growers and their staff which meets monthly to tour other farms and to share information on organic agriculture.

We encourage our crew to take responsibility for many parts of the farm operation – from production to marketing – in order to acquire first-hand experience in the decisions needed to run a small, diversified organic farm.

Contact us at for an application.


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