We grow a variety of organic fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, hollies, and conifers. 

Greenhouse Vegetables We’re known for having the first ripe tomatoes at market! 

  • We also grow cucumbers, peppers, ginger and tumeric in our three heated greenhouses. Everything is grown in the soil, organically. Growing under cover of greenhouse plastic allows us to extend the lifespan of these warm season crops by up to five months. 
  • Our greenhouses are heated primarily with wood pellets and wood chips. As of 2022, we only need to use propane on for extreme cold nights!

Field Vegetables Our crop mix changes every year but usually includes the following: 

  • lettuce mix, kale mix, stir fry mix, spinach, arugula, dandelion, miner’s lettuce, sorrel, endive
  • basil, papalo, mint, sage, lavender  
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • sweet peppers, hot peppers
  • summer squash, winter squash
  • potatoes

Fruit, Nut and Mushroom Two acres of the farm are devoted to fruit, nut and other woodland crops.  

  • blueberries 
  • apples
  • Asian pears
  • goumi berries
  • juneberries 
  • mulberries
  • hazelnuts
  • shiitake mushrooms 

Conifers & Hollies 

  • A close relative of herba mate, Yaupon holly is native to the coastal southeastern U.S. Its leaves were roasted by Indigenous People and early settlers as a caffeinated beverage. We grow a cultivar well suited for Zone 6b on our farm. We sell plants as well as the tea derived from the plants.
  • We grow organic Christmas trees including Serbian spruce, Turkish fir, and white pine, all of which are adapted to our elevation. We welcome visitors to ‘choose-and-cut” their own tree from our mature stand.  
  • Contact us if you are interested! 828-683-1180
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